documentary film
production December
coproduction RTV Slovenia
writer and director Tadej Čater

The Last Cowboy tells a story about a rebel, en eternal seeker of justice and a film buff from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, who dared to live his dreams and make a film story out of his own life’s dramaturgy. And vice versa: he lived like a film character, like a sheriff who transformed his home town into Santa Fe, river Drina into Rio Grande, surrounding hills into prairies. Hari Džekson! A photographer and a director of Westerns Aljuš Musli who in 1980 changed his official name to Harry Jackson, his wife and three daughters became Clementine, Janet, Janita and Virginia in fonetic spelling. He has directed, produced and starred as the lead actor in eight, supposedly even thirteen Westerns, the only ones made in former Yugoslavia. His friend Juso Muratović, working as a cinema operator in Bijeljina, was his cameraman, actor, editor, organizor… his main assistant on film and in real life. Sherif’s Deputy. Both of them always survived on film. But since unfortunatelly in 1999 Harry did die in real life Juso still hangs on as the Last Cowboy of Bijeljina. And through his intimate narration situated in the micro world of his little house in the midst of tall apartment buildings in Bijeljina the incredible story will reveal itself, story about the power of an individual, his defiance against time and space and the faith in all good and fair. Their dreams will become a reality throuh Harry’s film projection in the local cinema called Youth (Mladost).