EVA (working title)

feature film
production December
financial support by SFC & Viba film
writer Iza Strehar
director Tijana Zinajić

Eva is a graduated painter who is turning 27 and realizing she has done nothing with her life yet. When she loses her period, she is determined to quit drinking, smoking and experimenting with drugs. Her favourite way of getting advice is by using internet browser. Because of all the other aspects in her life that are not going great, quitting bad habits is not easy. She has a creative blockage, her romantic affair with her mentor is starting to get on her nerves and her best friend is moving to Berlin in search of a better financial security. The bright spot and support in her life is her roommate Blaž, with whom they don’t realize, they are probably in love.
Eva is a film about a period in life where you simply get «stuck» and you don’t know how and where to move on. But it is definetly not a pessimistic story. It is a story about searcing for love and oneself.

Photo: Saša Huzjak