Production company December was founded in December 2013 by Vlado Bulajić and Lija Pogačnik, both with years of experience in film industry and both born in December 1977.
The main goal of the company is to produce fictions and documentaries with promising young directors and screenwriters. In this short period of time December has managed to raise funds for quite a few projects, which are now in different stages of production as listed below.


Filmography of December Production House:

  • “City Lights“, short, 2015, director Klemen Dvornik
  • “Moderne Kunst“, short, 2016, director Marko Šantić
  • “The Young Lions: Fullness of Time“ – music documentary, 2016, director Dejan Batoćanin, co-produced with Kreker
  • “The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith“, short, 2017, director Slobodan Maksimović
  • “Diary of D.B.“, fiction/documentary, 2017, in distribution, director Dana Budisavljević (co-production with Hulahop CR)
  • “The Last Cowboy“, documentary, 2018/2019, in development, director Tadej Čater
  • “Inventory“, feature, in development, director Darko Sinko
  • “Eva“, feature, in development, writer Iza Strehar, director Tijana Zinajić